June 7, 2009

Farewell guys.~

To all my respected readers,

First of all.. I wish to fuck those people who hate me nor my blog, you know who you are, and you better fuck out before i fuck your more in this post..

Ok back to business. This post is to inform you all that i will officially suspend this blog for being update about my personal news,

All my personal post, including news or events about myself will be erased from this blog.
All the widgets and comments will also be removed. This blog only provides review, tips and downloads only.

From today onwards my personal posts will be directed to my new blog which i will not post the new address here. My private blog will only viewable to my close friends and relatives.

For the address please msn me. my msn address is dixon@dixfm.com

Thank you for supporting my blog since 2006.

March 9, 2009

Genting Walkthough [Part 2]

Regarding to my Genting Highlands Walkthough / Tips part 1 [Click here], now here's the part 2..

For the tips no.1-15 please click link above..

16. Free Nutz snacks when u purchase movie tickets from First world cinema.
Location : Level 2A. First World Plaza

17. Popcorn Caramel Cheese favour now available...
Location : scatted around in genting or in first world cinema..

But taste like shit nia.. not nice.. still the classic favour better

18. Free Power plugs everywhere in Genting..
Location : Anywhere around genting, from lobby to shopping street

19. Free [1] bowling game if you have a hotel passbook..
Location: Bowling Center, Level 2B First World Plaza

Here's the example of hotel passbook you can use.. you just nid to pay RM 3 to rent the shoes and bowl for free! [One game per passbook]

20. Review your taken photo in a LCD.
Location : Level 2 [Time Square] in First World Plaza

With this kiosk you can view your taken photo in camera or handphone by bluetooth or memory card..

21. Clean your shoe from dust with the elevator scatted in Genting
Location : Almost all elevator in Genting

I guess the bursh provided is to clean your shoe gua..

22. Contol fan speed in Resort Hotel..
Location : Certain ROOMS only in Resort Hotel

The fan controller switch is hidden above the cupboard...

23. Rent a resort hotel normal room and peek your gf bathing..
Location : Standart Resort Hotel rooms...

Let me explain for while.. in the cupoard there is 2 sided door which one is linked to toilet and one is link to foyer.. so when your gf is bathing you can peek by opening the cupboard door which linked to toilet.. ^ ^ Let's check out the picture..

^ Shot from toilet.. which can see though foyer

^ Shot from foyer which can see inside toilet...

24. 2nd Charging spot in First World Hotel plaza
Location : Digi Shop, Level 2A

The 1st spot which i already written in Part 1.

25. Have a 'bai bai' on Genting 'Na dok gong'
Location : Somewhere entrance of Hotel gening/resort car park, near theme park hotel

Before going casino.. this 'might' helps.

26. Free monkey show
Located : Level 2A, First World Plaza...

Picture do the talking.. u can see 'monkeys' play snows balls!

27. Shortcut to Hotel Lobby
Location : Same level as Mcd Genting/Monte Carlo/Safari Disco/Cloud9

There is a shortcut to link to Resort Hotel.. for handicap.. but we can use it aswell.. ^ ^

There is some tips that not required Photos
- Free wireless on Genting KFC and MCD [Not first world]
- Free Dreamz Show if you are Genting world card member dunring your bithday
- Free RM20 Genting Gift shop coupon if you have a Genting world card member and during your birthday
- There is many Streamyx Hotspot scatted around in Genting, but you need account Mobility for sure.
- Go play Game machines in Genting indoor theme park, and not IN genting Dream world.. coz all games machine in First world Dream world are outdated
- Buy coke / lemon tea in MCD.. coz can refill while others cannot

More tips will be posted when i free of coz..

January 22, 2009

Live! Messenger 2009 Standalone

For those who have problem installing Windows Live Messenger 2009 from Microsoft Website here's the alternative Messenger 2009 Standalone installer.

Use this if
1) You cant install from the official installer
2) Dont want install other addons like Movie Maker or Live Mail
3) Offline setup, no nid download while install in the official installer.

January 15, 2009

Genting Highlands Walkthrough [Part1]

Last few days i just went to Genting Highlands for nothing, yes nothing, all the adults went to the one and the only one casino in Malaysia.. zz. So me and my cousin just walking around Genting Highlands. We stayed on Resort Hotel rather than the stupid First World lol, which much much better compared to First world.

As you all know everything you did in Genting cost you real money.. just anything except free toilet which i think is less resonable than enough. So we need to take full advantage of tricks and tips that on Genting to save you some $$. So let's start our tips/tricks on Genting!


1) Get free sour snacks on Country's Tid-bits & Candies cottage, not really free but you are allowed to free test the food for all sour stuff. Anyway dont worry about those worker looking as you as they dont even bother you.

Located at main Genting Highlands resort, same level as Safari and Cloud9, next to route from genting skyway. Near to indoor themepark.

2) Free charge your mobile phone battery if flatted out.

Forgot to bring your charger to genting? or left in hotel room which too far away? Just head to the Digi shop just same level as the food shop above to get the free charge of your mobile.

Located at near the food store, your can see the eye catching board when u past through it.
Because you can charge it for FREE!

3) Go Wireless
You really going to pay RM 10 for 45minute to be online on The genting cyber center? I guess not. Fortunately you have an alternative way, that's go wireless! There are some spots that you can connect to internet via WIFI.

Located: Any the coffee bean outlet, starbucks outlet

Tips: No nid buy any RM 10 drink, just find a place to sit and take out your notebook or wireless device to surf the net... Free! Just remember you are stupid to spend RM 10 just for 45minutes in cyber center.

4) Cleaner toilet

There is a more high class toilet hidden at Hotel Resort... hehe not hidden actually but just seldom people realized it. It's much cleaner toilet compared to other First world toilet or casino toilet.

Located : Right side of Resort Hotel, next to a 24 hrs mini store and The coffee bean.

5) Cheaper to watch live band performance at First world

Everynite after 10pm there will be a live band performing at a bar located at First World Hotel, about the centre of First world hotel. In order to enjoy the band show you had to buy some expansive beer and usually full seats.

So just head to other side near the Sweet corn shop [easy shop], so just buy the RM 3.50 sweet corn cup, then take a sit and watch the performance from this spot. Here's the spot

Located : First world ground floor, Next to the Ferry wheel and pavilion.
Saw the chairs? Just sit there and can enjoy the live band performance from the bar.. [Economic class]

Dont have RM 3.5? you can just stand here the spot that i taken this photo to watch the band. lol
[Free class ^.^]

6) Free Genting teddy bear

Just play or gamble on Genting de casino and you will get a RM 20 coupon that allows you to buy anything on Genting Reward shop located at Main genting highlands [near indoor themepark], or first world ground floor.

Use the RM 20 coupon to redeem a Teddy bear or other stuff like keychain and cups

Located at any Genting Reward Shop

7) Go steal indoor gaming machine tickets

Hmm, this is optional, but if you are in luck you can actually steal some tickets that ppl left on machines. Seems luck dosent on my side that day....

Located : Anywhere in indoor theme park
Lol.. 3 tickets, just wanna waste genting's paper haha

8) Get a free chocolate Bar when u buy any cinema tickets from the cinema located at First World Hotel.

Located : Mini cinema in First world hotel.
Just give the ticket to the popcorn counter and yes you get a free chocolate bar.

Note: Their english really teruk, look carefully the movie name.. it should be 'stories' but it's written 'storise' there.. really makes me LOL.

9) New Cheese Popcorn flavor?

Hmm this is weird, there is a new advertisement shows that the new Cheese flavor of popcorn being sell in Cinema?
But i asked them they say that day dont have sell, so i guess if you have chance you might try to get one and tell me how's it taste.

Located : Mini cinema in First world hotel.

Be sure to try it out when you have chance!

10) Experience the Wii and PS3.
You can try out the Wii and PS3 console game on First world time square, but of course with charges. RM 30 for 1 hour.

There are quite alot game in PS3 but only few little games for Wii including COD2, Wii sport, mario kart and olympic 08. It's located here, many people still dunno.

Located: First world time square.

11) Kick some puppy ass.

Feeling behsong? Just go kick some puppy ass on a little shop located at First world level 2A
I really dun like those puppy, someday i really will kick their ass

Located: First World level 2A.

12) Lazer Mirror maze

You can try this out if you wish to be a 007! Hehe but i can tell you it's not easy, the alarms will alert when u contact with the lazers.

Located at First World 2A, Next to Believe or not.

13) Steal some coins.

Yes you can use a magnet to stick some useless 1 cent coin from the coint eater machine located infront of the believe or not.
Many stupid people juz roll the coints and let it fall into the hole.. for me i will grab the coin before it's fall into the hole so i could replay and replay...

Located at First World 2A, Next to Laser mirror maze.
Just dont let it eat your coints.

14) Floor 21 MISSING?

Yeah! Me and PM realized one thing that on First world hotel that you cant access level 21 through the lift? Sound like it may some high administrative level and we tried to access it from level 20 but seems we dont dare enough due to many camera and there is a warning in the staircase. Proof:

Where's the level 21?
Located : ??

15) World 'best' maze
Pictures do the talking

Located : Outside theme park hotel.
No comment

Anyway hope you like genting highlands top 15 tricks and tips, later i will add more tips and tricks everytime i go genting

Last update : 16/1/09
part 2 link will be posted later.

December 9, 2008

I got it from my Mamak! Maple version

November 22, 2008

My favourite my drink and Tidbits

Yup, it's me again.. yea of course is me otherwise no one else can post .. = =" Well in this post i would like to share some of my favorite stuff and gives some review on it. This time i review 2 stuff, that's my favorite can drink and the brand new chips!

Let's check out my favorite drink...

It's Lipton Ice Tea!
So you would ask me there are alot of drink in the market buy why i chosen this? Well, in the can above there already written, 'World No.1 Tea brand" ! No doubt that the Ice tea will be more nice! It contains less sugar compare to other Ice Tea drinks so it's feels not so sweet when you drink it, plus no preservative and artificial favor but i dont really knows weather it's true or not.

I been tried so many other Ice Tea brand such as JusTea, and lots more but found out their ice tea are too sweet.. so i dosent really like it. But i found that Lipton Ice Tea is just nice with nice tea aroma, so best drink chilled!

Next is the my favorite chips/tidbits

Twisties's LURVE!

Genally they have 3 different types of favor, they are Seaweed Nori, Onion, Hot Chilli. Picture above shows The Seaweed Nori and the 2 chips beside it was the Onion favor. Hehe sorry i cant take the pcakage of Onion since i already tear off, but the pack is in green color, while hot chili favor is red packing.

This product just release not long ago, as all people knows Twisties manufacture quality Junkfood lol.. should say Chips.. hehe.. But whatever i personally more like the Onion favor as the Seaweed is little too salty and chili was little too hot!

You might ask me there are lot of onion favor chips in market but why choose this? Reason is simple, because it's multigrain chips! Taste more good compared to oridanary potato onion chips and really fill up your stomach fast.. One pack of those contains dosent much of chips and it's quite expansive as you see in the picture i brought in seven eleven, it's RM 2.90! I guess other places will be more cheap.

Well it's no use for me to say so much, the best way is to try it out yourself! The combination above is a must for me to gaming!

See you next time.

November 8, 2008

How to Download chinese songs just seconds!

Yo! How's your weekend? Well i discovered this method to downloads any english or chinese songs fast and good in quality! No need to stuck on baidu or p2p soft. I used this method quite a while and it's always works.

What you need :
1) Firefox browser
2) IDM (Internet download manager)

I always feel IDM comes in handy in many situation! So let's get started!

1) Pop up your Firefox browser (be sure to update to v3 for better results)
2) Browse to Google
3) Type in a song name and followed by 'esnips', so something like : " 稻香 esnips "

Click the first link (usually) and your IDM should auto grab and popup with new downloads box! Just click Start Download and u get thunder speed! This works for Chinese/English songs or just any music uploaded to eSnips!

Volia! Let's download together! Remember thanks to IDM and ME! hehe~

September 24, 2008

September - Oct 2008 Top Hitz

Regarding to my old threat, January 2008 Top Hitz
In here i would like to thanks for all your support that threat, so here's something new for you all,


--== September - October 2008 Top Hitz! ==--

1. I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
2. Take A Bow - Rihanna
3. Lollipop - Lil Wayne
4. Forever - Chris Brown
5. Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
6. Leavin - Jesse McCartney
7. Viva La Vida - Coldplay
8. Pocketful Of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
9. Disturbia - Rihanna
10. A Milli - Lil Wayne
11. No Air - Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

Extra : I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Extra : When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls

All songs above are based on top40-charts.com, and all songs above DOES NOT comes with a package, so you could only CHOOSE WHAT song you WANT TO download.

August 29, 2008

Download Rapidshare faster in Malaysia

As you all know, almost 90% of pir@te games/software in US are shared in Rapidshare server, or even you need to download a single part of file in rapidshare always takes years.

So i would like to share some tips here how to download in rapidshare faster.
My internet Connection : Malaysia TM Streamyx 1mbps (sucks)
This tips could also be applied in other countries.

First you need to download and install Internet Download Manager or as known as IDM
This software could come in handy when downloading anything


You might download a 30 day trial version from there, the latest version is 5.14, you can request a crack from me if you cant find one. However you can use the software for 30 days trial

Note: Keep Internet Explorer closed when installing IDM.

Step 1: open up any rapidshare link
Step 2: Select the 'Free User' button
Step 3: Wait for few seconds depends the size of the file you download

Step 4: click on the 'Advanced download setting"
Step 5: Choose 'Deutsche Telekom'
Step 6: Then click on the big round 'Download button'

Step 7: IDM should auto grab the download link and pop up a download box
Step 8: Just click start download and you will get nice download speed

Extra Note:
- If you still cant get fast speed (still around 4-10kb/s) quickly click Cancel Download and back to the advanced download setting on page to choose another server to download.
-The following server i tried and able to get good speed (70kb-100kb)

-- Deutsche Telekom
-- GlobalCrossing
-- GlobalCrossing #2
-- Cogent (around 60kb/s max)

- Feel free to try other download server other than i mentioned above
- If you still experience slow speed after trying all servers, you might try to reconnect to internet (By off/on router) to change different IP address

Other than these all are slow or even cant move.

Before using IDM and change server : Avg 10KB/S
After using IDM and changed server : Avg 75KB/S

So you can try these tips to speed up your download in Rapidshare in Malaysia

August 26, 2008

Some Love Rabbit collection

It been some days for not updating my blog, coz the last week was holiday and i went to Bukit Tinggi for some stupid vacation and it's sucks there, i will post a video later

Now here's some 'Love Rabbit' pictures, and can somebody tell me the rabbit is called what? I really not so sure what is this rabbit called.

Snapped using my N95 8GB hehe..


Omg.. even the M@xis communication also use that as advertisement on flash when i came across a website called Zedge